Priene – Miletus – Didyma

Priene, Miletus and Didyma are three of the best places in Turkey. Priene was an ancient Greek City of Ionia. This city was formerly a port city and was built in the height of 380 metres from a sea level. Priene includes really important pieces of popular Hellenistic art and architecture.

Miletus is an ancient Greek city like Priene, too. It is situated on the western coast of Anatolia. Many of the monuments in Miletus are ruined. Now there is only the theater and the baths of Faustina.

Didyma was an ancient Greek sanctuary on the coast of Ionia. In Greek language, Didyma means twin. The importance of this sanctuary is that, Didyma contains the Temple and the Oracle of Apollo. Some of the authors refer the name Didyma to “twin” temples. This means Apollo and Artemis, because of their own cult center at Didyma was only established.


  • Visiting Priene, the first grid-system planned city of the ancient world, built on hillside.
  • Visit the theater, the temple of Athena, the Bouleterium, the Agora, and the Altar of Zeus and Cybele.
  • Proceed to Miletus, the home of the Thales. He has been dealing with astronomy and solstices as one of the first astronomer to calculate in advance.
  • Visiting Delphinium, the Nymphanion, the Teather, and the Faustina Baths.
  • After lunch continue to Didyma to visit Temple of the Apollo and its gigantic columns, which is the biggest Oracle Center of ancient Turkey.


• From/to Hotel Transportation

• Professional Licensed Official Tour Guide

• Entrance fees to the various sites

• Air Conditioned non-smoking vehicle

SibelPriene – Miletus – Didyma