Biblical Sites in Turkey

Turkey is an important country for Christians. Because there are many places in Turkey which are mentioned in the Bible. Approximately 60% of the names of these places are known as mentioned. Some of them are Akdamar Church, Alaeddin Mosque, Antioch, Aphrodisias, Basilica of St. John, Blue Mosque, Cave Church of St. Peter, Cave of the Seven Sleepers, Church of Mary, Church of St. Nicholas, Didyma, Fatih Mosque, Grotto of St. Paul, Hagias Sophia.

Akdamar Church- Eastern Anatolia

Akdamar Church is located in Eastern Anatolia and it is an Armenian cathedral.  Unfortunately it is a ruined church. Akdamar Church is also known as Church of the Holy Cross.

Alaeddin Mosque – Konya

Alaeddin Mosque is constructed by Seljuk Sultan in 1221. It is the largest and oldest mosque in Konya. This mosque has interesting features that you want to see. For example there are columns in different sizes and decorations from different periods.


Antioch is situated in the South of Turkey. This place is very important for Christians. Because the followers of Jesus were for the first time called as Christians in Antioch.


Aphrodisias is known as the dedicated place to the Mother Goddess Aphrodite. Also it is the one of the oldest sacred places in Turkey.

Basilica of St. John – Ephesus

Basilica of St. John is situated in Ephesus. It is a great church and stands over the burial site of St. John.

Blue Mosque – Istanbul

Blue Mosque is also known as Sultanahmet Mosque and it is located in Istanbul. This mosque has interesting features. One of them is that it has six minarets.

Cave Church of St. Peter – Antioch

The Cave Church of St. Peter is located outside Antioch. It is also known as Grotto of St. Peter. Cave Church is an ancient cave and it is believed as the cave church supposed to be the first Christian Church.

Cave of the Seven Sleepers – Ephesus

The “Seven Sleepers” were seven young men. It is believed that they hide themselves in this cave during the persecutions against the Christians. This cave is located eight kilometres away from Ephesus.

Church of Mary – Ephesus

The Church of Mary has great importance for Christians. Also it has great historical significance and is known as the Double Church. Because it is believed one aisle was dedicated to the Virgin. And the other was dedicated to St.John.

Church of St. Nicholas – Myra

The Church of St. Nicholas contains the tomb of St.Nicholas. It is a ruined Byzantine Church.

Didyma – Western Anatolia

Didyma is an important sacred site in the west coast of Turkey. Also it was important in the ancient Greek World. It is famous with Temple of Apollo.

Fatih Mosque – Istanbul

The Fatih Mosque is located in Istanbul. It is popular because of Fatih Sultan Mehmet. This mosque was constructed between 1462 and 1470 by him.

Grotto of St. Paul – Ephesus

The Grotto of St. Paul is located in Ephesus. It is also known as Cave of St. Paul. Grotto of St. Paul is important because it contains Early Christian frescoes and inscriptions.

Hagias Sophia – Istanbul

Hagias Sophia is an ancient Byzantine church and a former Ottoman mosque that is located in Istanbul. It is known as The Church of the Holy Wisdom. Hagias Sophia is the name of the church in Greek.

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