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J.M. Bellew (1823-74)

John Chippendall Montesquieu Bellew was born on 3 August, 1823 and died on 19 June, 1874. He was known as an English author. Also he was known as a preacher and public reader.

In 1848 he was ordained and served in several curacies in England. Then we know that, he was the chaplaincy of St. John’s Cathedral in Calcutta.

In 1855 he came back to England. In England he was appointed assistant minister of st. Philip’s and between 1855-1867 he became one of the London’s greatest preachers. During this time he published several sermons. For instance “The Seven Churches of Asia Minor” is known as one of these sermons.

Bellew also published a novel and some work on poetry. This novel is Blount’s Tempest.

Bellew started to believe his mother’s faith, Roman Catholicism, again in 1868. Thia means that, he gave up Anglican holy orders and an income of around £1,000 a year.

People compared his public readings to those of Charles Dickens and Fanny Kemble. Then he died in 1874 in London.

Here are some of Bellew’s Works:

  • Loyalty: a legend of Speke Hall, Lancashire: a play: as licensed by the Lord Chamberlain, and originally performed, London, Whittaker and Co.; Oxford, J. Vincent, 1845.
  • Sermons preached in St. Philip’s, Regent Street : together with two discourses delivered on the days of national thanksgiving, 1855, 1856, London: T. and W. Boone, 1856
  • The perishable and the imperishable : a sermon preached in the parish church of the Holy Trinity, Hull, on Sunday, the 20th of February 1859, London: Chapman and Hall, 1859
  • Oliver Goldsmith: his life and writings, London: Chapman and Hall, 1859
  • Our heavenly home : a sermon delivered at St. Mark’s, St. John’s Wood, on Christmas Day, 1861, London: J. Knight, 1861
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