Biblical Persons in Asia Minor

Here are some information about the important biblical persons in Asia Minor. Some of them were born in Asia Minor. Some of them lived there. All of them have significance for Christian History.

Constantine the Grea

Constantine the Grea is known as Constantine the Great or Saint Constantine. Also he is the best known for being the first Christian Roman Emperor.

St. Barbara

Saint Barbara was a Christian Saint and martyr. He is known as the Great Martyr Barbara in the Eastern Orthodox Church in the third century.

St. Barnabas

His name was Joseph Barnabas and he was called as “son of encouragement” by Apostles. We know that he was a companion of St. John in his missionary journeys many times.

St. Basil

Saint Basil is known as one of the last victims of the Roman persecution. Roman persecution was against Christians who are under Licinus.

St. Ephraem

Saint Ephraem defended the catholic faith in his writings. He defended it against some errors propagated by heretics. His hymns are sung in liturgies in Syrian Churches.

Saint Gregory the Illuminator

Saint Gregory is known as the son of Anak. Anak was a Parthian prince of Persian origin. Anak and all his family were killed by Kusev except the little Gregory. He was saved by a Christian lady. Then Gregory became a monk. He dedicated his life to spread the Gospel.

Saint Gregory Nazianzen

Saint Gregory chose the monastic way in his whole life. He was chosen Patriarch of Constantinople in 379. But he stayed here only two years and then he handed in his resignation. After that St. Gregory retired in Nazianzus and died in here.

Saint Gregory of Nyssa

Saint Gregory of Nyssa was the brother of Basil the Great who has a monestic life. St.Gregory of Nyssa chose the monestic way in his life, too. But then he was elected Bishop of Nyssa. He is known as one of the greatest exponents of Christian because of his philosophic acumen that he revealed during the Council of Constantinople.

St. Helen

St. Helen was a pilgrim who set out to the Holy Land. Holy Land was a place where Jesus was born, died and was buried.  St. Helen is known as a pilgrim who ordered to start excavations on the Golgotha. St. Helen had churches in Bethlehem.

St. Jacob

St. Jacob was born in Nisibis. Nisibis is situated in the southeast of Mardin. He lived in there and had a monestic life. Also, he was bishop of Nisibis for twenty years.

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