Ancient Turkey History

The Hittites is important invaders in ancient Turkey History. They were wave of invaders speaking Indo-European languages. We know they crossed the Caucasus Mountains into Anatolia late in the third millenium B.C. and built on other older countries. They had subjugated indigenous Hatti then they got their name “Hittites”.

Hittites have entered Cappadocia around 1800 B.C. This empire was the main power in Western Asia from 1400 to 1200 B.C. Also they had known as the cultural force in this area during these years. The capital of the empire was Bogazkoy. This city is called as Hattusha now.

Hittite people are important. They  are known as the first people who could smelt iron and they did it successfully. There were many of potters, carpenters, cobblers and smiths in Hittite population and they were mostly peasants. Although they worked with bronze the value of the iron was understood. We do not know how the Hittite Kings controlled this source of wealth.

Hittie economy was based on agriculture. Honey, cattle, sheep, goats and pigs were important for Hittites’diet. Also the dogs were their best friends.

It was nearly thousands of years ago that Hittite Empire vanished. The most important thing about Hattusha is that UNESCO declared it as a World Heritage Site.

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